Dyslexia Genius Accredited and SPTBiD program Endorsed by City College Birmingham

Accredited and Endorsement

DG was appointed an Official Accredited Partner and received endorsement for the successful SPTBiD Early Intervention Program for Learning Difficulties from City College Birmingham, London, England.
Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between D Genius/SPTBiD represented by Puan Sariah Amirin AMW PPN and Mrs Nisha of Nisha Education Consultancy authorised by City College Birmingham. Witnessed by DG Founder Encik Jaldeen Ali and CCB Representative.
D Genius is given the approval to conduct training of the SPTBiD Program and will be certified by the college and its affiliate partners, and certificate will be issued directly by City College of Birmingham.

Special Thanks

Special thanks extended to Nisha Education Consultancy for making this collaboration and partnership a success, not forgetting thank you to Dr. Dharmanand Mortha for your support and trust in approving and endorsing the SPTBiD for use for children with learning difficulties especially dyslexics….

DG is Offering for Members

DG is offerring for members of the public, parents, teachers as well as our supporters not only in Malaysia but all Asean countries as well throughout the world, who are interested in attending a course in SPTBiD Teaching Techniques and will receive a Certificate from City College Birmingham after completion of the 6 months course.

Certified Training Course

Interested in attending this certified training course please contact our admin at 03-40316833 or our Program Director, Puan Bulan Ayu at +601128351761 or our Founder Encik Jaldeen Ali at +601128351760 for further details..
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