Children with a specific learning disability are the silent victims of neglect and injustice. To add to their misery, the so-called normal people around them make their learning more distressing.

Talking about neglect and injustice, just about a year ago, an eight-year-old girl was asked to write about her school. I was shocked to read the last statement she wrote, “My feverit drim is to bom my school.”

You can imagine how much she hated school and the environment around her. She has suffered going to school, yet she is blamed for our neglect and injustice towards education.

As a center that provides educational and counseling & motivation for dyslexics, we work closely with the Special Education Department Ministry of Education Malaysia for education, the Welfare Department for their welfare and financial help by observing the implementation problems encountered and by offering our advice. We also share professional ideas for the betterment of the SPTBiD program.

The earlier you identify a person or child with learning disorder ie. Dyslexia, the sooner help can be given through our SPTBiD intensive program.

However, “it is better late than never.”

Thank you!


Puan Sariah Amirin AMW PPN
Dyslexia Genius Malaysia